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Sou Juan - Oitava Maravilha

Hey, I am Juan!

I'm a singer and songwriter artist born and raised in Fortaleza (Brazil). 

I grew up listening to all kinds of music and being impressed with the multiculturality of sounds I could capture. After many musical experiences with different rhythms, I define myself as an artist that mixes Reggae and Pop, harmonically influenced by some of Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) and rhythmically by Hip Hop and Soul music. 

In 2017, I wrote some original songs that actually represented this project and I started playing them in concerts. The songs are in Portuguese and express love, freedom and reflections about the way life keeps changing. Then,  I felt like I had finally started to understand my path at songwriting. 


Since then, my band and I have been bringing joy and music every week to the best stages in Fortaleza and nearby cities. We have released an EP called Metamorfose, which has 6 tracks, and it's on all platforms, among with some other singles. Our first album, Alma Livre ("Free Soul"), will be available this year, adding up to over 20 original songs released. Our goal is to reach much further, always doing the most formidable work we can and connecting to people who identify with our musicality.

On stage, every single concert must be forever in the memory of those who experience it.


Over the first months of 2022, we've had dozens of concerts in Fortaleza, including the first time ever in Jericoacoara (next video), a memorable show at the festival Dragão Fashion Brasil (picture on top) and many others that you can check on my instagram, tiktok and youtube, where we're always posting new content!

In August/September, we'll be on our first Euro Tour!

There are still a few dates open for concerts in Germany and Portugal, check out availability with our team:

Primeiro show em Jeri

Primeiro show em Jeri

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